Where Are Mercedes-Benz Vehicles Made?

December 10th, 2018 by

Close up of the A Sedan's star-stamped front grille
Where are Mercedes-Benz vehicles made? Mercedes-Benz was originally founded in Germany but has since built facilities all over the world! Read on to learn more about where the luxury brand originated and where Mercedes-Benz vehicles are made.

Where is Mercedes-Benz From?

Originally a part of the Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft (DMG), Mercedes-Benz was founded in Stuttgart, Germany. In 1900, Mercedes-Benz designed its first custom engine and released its first model, the Mercedes 35 HP, in 1901.

Who Makes Mercedes-Benz Vehicles Now?

Mercedes-Benz still has its headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, and the main production facilities are there as well. However, as the luxury brand has grown, Mercedes-Benz has spread internationally, with production facilities in roughly 22 countries. Some of these countries include the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Argentina, and Austria. Specific models are made in certain countries. For example, the U.S. manufactures the GLE SUV and Coupe, GLS SUV, and C-Class.

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