Mercedes-Benz Tire Rotation Q&A

December 17th, 2018 by

Close up of a Mercedes-Benz tire
What is a tire rotation? When a technician rotates your tires, they’ll move the tires from one wheel position to another to help maintain even traction on each tire. For example, they may move your left tire to your right wheel or your front tires to your back wheels. Getting a tire rotation increases the life of your tires and enhances the quality of your ride.

How Often Should Tires Be Rotated?

The frequency with which you should rotate your tires depends on your vehicle. As a general rule, however, experts recommend getting your tires rotated every time you come in for an oil change.

Signs Your Mercedes-Benz Needs a Tire Rotation

If it’s been a while since your last tire rotation and you notice the following signs, you should get your tires rotated as soon as possible.

  • Uneven Treadwear: To check for uneven wear, measure the tread depth at several different points on each tire. If the measurements are significantly different, you probably have uneven treadwear.
  • Tire Noise and Vibration: If you notice an increase in tire vibrations and noise, especially in the steering wheel, you may need to get your tires rotated.

How Much is a Tire Rotation?

At Mercedes-Benz of Chicago, a tire rotation costs $19.95. For more information or to learn more about pricing for other tire services, reach out to one of the service experts at our dealership.

Schedule a Mercedes-Benz Tire Rotation at Mercedes-Benz of Chicago

Schedule an appointment for a tire rotation online, or visit our dealership in Chicago! You can also contact us with questions about our tire rotation and balance services. If you’re in need of another type of service, like Service C, our certified technicians are happy to assist you. From tire repair to wheel alignment, we’re here to keep your Mercedes-Benz in exceptional condition for as long as you own it!