Mercedes-Benz Dashboard Warning Symbols and Meanings

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Closeup of steering wheel, gauge cluster, and front dash inside of a Mercedes-AMG vehicle

If you see illuminated Mercedes-Benz dashboard warning lights during your Cook County commute, your initial reaction might be one of concern, yet these symbols aren’t always an indication that your vehicle is in need of repair. Sometimes, they can indicate your Mercedes-Benz diesel engine is warming up, or you may be getting an alert from your ATTENTION ASSIST® driver attention monitor that it’s time to take a break from driving. In other cases, it may be a simple fix, such as topping off your gas tank or correcting your tire pressure. Learn more about some of the most common Mercedes-Benz dashboard warning lights and whether or not they require a visit to the Mercedes-Benz of Chicago service center today!

Mercedes-Benz Dashboard Warning Lights Explained

ABS Light

Icon: Circle with “ABS” in the center and one curved line on either side

Meaning: If you see this symbol, the Anti-Lock Brake System, as well as ESP®, BAS®, Electronic Brake Force Distribution, and Hill-Start Assist, have been deactivated. While the system won’t correct vehicle instability or help with emergency braking, you will be able to slow and stop your Mercedes-Benz.

Airbag Light

Icon: Person with airbag deployed in front of them

Meaning: There is a malfunction in the SRS (Supplemental Restraint System). The airbag may not deploy in the event of an accident. To protect yourself and your passengers, you’ll want to seek service immediately.


Icon: Steaming cup on a saucer

Meaning: The ATTENTION ASSIST® driver attention monitor lets you know when you’re losing focus while driving on the streets of Chicago. When this symbol illuminates, it’s time to pull over and take a break.

Battery Light

Icon: Battery with a plus and minus sign

Meaning: For some reason, your vehicle’s battery isn’t charging correctly. This could be due to a malfunctioning alternator, poly-v belt, or a problem with the electrical system.

Brake Wear Light

Icon: Circle with a dotted line on either side

Meaning: Your brake pads and/or brake rotors are nearing the end of their life and are due for a replacement. Schedule a brake replacement ASAP to avoid brake failure or vehicle damage.

Check Engine Light

Icon: Engine

Meaning: The check engine light can signify an issue with the engine itself, fuel or fuel injection systems, ignition, or exhaust. High emissions could have also caused the engine to enter emergency mode.

Coolant Light

Icon: Red temperature gauge over fluid lines

Meaning: The coolant level may be too low, or the temperature gauge may be faulty. Monitor the temperature, and pull over immediately if the coolant exceeds 248 degrees Fahrenheit. If you continue to drive your vehicle while it’s running at such high temps, you could damage the engine.

ESC or ESP® Light

Icon: Car with two skid marks

Meaning: Electronic Stability Control (previously known as ESP®, Electronic Stability Program) has been deactivated. If your vehicle goes into a skid, this feature will not intervene.

Glow Plug Light

Icon: Yellow coil

Meaning: Diesel engines, such as the one available in the Sprinter, use glow plugs to heat the cylinders inside. When this light is on, the glow plugs are in the process of heating the cylinders.

Steering Wheel Light

Icon: Steering wheel with an exclamation point next to it

Meaning: The power steering isn’t working, so you’ll need to be more forceful when turning the wheel.

Tire Pressure Light

Icon: Flat tire

Meaning: Your tire pressure has dropped in your tires (either one or several), and they don’t have a sufficient amount of air in them. Pull over to a safe place, and top off the air in the tires.

Let Us Diagnose Your Mercedes-Benz Dashboard Symbols

If you see a Mercedes-Benz dashboard warning light that requires immediate action or simply one that you’re unsure of, the certified technicians at Mercedes-Benz of Chicago can take a look. We offer Chicagoland pick-up and delivery and Express Service for your convenience, along with service specials to help you save on required repairs!

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