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Mercedes Brakes

If you’re experiencing a problem with your brakes, it’s important to take swift action. Be it a leaky brake line, a frozen caliper, or worn brake pads, our Master Certified Technicians are here to resolve your brake problems. Our service center is furnished with only the latest repair equipment and technologies, as well as factory-issued parts and fluids. Look below for a quick overview of Mercedes brake replacement, and how regular inspections can lengthen your brake system’s lifespan!

What is Brake Replacement?

Brake replacement involves exchanging a worn brake component for a new one. This can range from a singular part, to a complete overhaul, depending on the severity of the damage. Your brakes are responsible for bringing your Mercedes-Benz to a complete stop every time. So, if a component is on the brink of failure, chances are you’ll be able to hear and/or feel it when you brake. If you notice any of the following warning signs, bring your vehicle to the Master Certified Technicians at Mercedes-Benz of Chicago straightaway:

  • Screeching or grinding – a sign of worn brake pads
  • Shaking or vibrating – typically caused by a warped rotor
  • “Spongy” brake pedal – indicates excess air in the brake lines
  • Dragging during acceleration – a sign of rust buildup

Extend Brake Life with Routine Inspections

One of the best ways to preserve your brakes is to keep up with regular inspections. Normally, a brake examination is recommended once a year, or every 12,000 miles. During a brake component inspection, our Master Certified Technicians will check your vehicle’s brake fluid, lines, pads, calipers, discs, and more for signs of wear and tear. If a part needs replaced, we’ll swap it for a new OEM component designed specifically for your vehicle. With us in your corner, you can be sure you’re always getting the most out of your brakes!

Settle for Nothing Less Than Excellence!

Ignoring a brake problem will likely result in significant damage, putting you and your passengers in harm’s way. Let the technicians at Mercedes-Benz of Chicago inspect your brake system, and if necessary, complete expert brake replacement. Schedule your appointment easily online, or give us a call at (312) 628-4444. We welcome you to visit our dealership at 1520 W. North Avenue in Chicago at your convenience!