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Hand holding an Android phone getting ready to be paired with Mercedes-Benz system

New Mercedes-Benz vehicles are packed with technology features to make your day-to-day driving around Chicago as easy as possible. One such feature, Mercedes-Benz Android Auto™, allows drivers to pair their Android smartphone with their Mercedes-Benz vehicles, like the new SL-Class, using the Android Auto™ App. Learn about the functions, setup, and navigation of Mercedes-Benz Android Auto™ below with this guide from Mercedes-Benz of Chicago!

What is Android Auto™?

Mercedes-Benz Android Auto™ is a smartphone integration feature that allows you to pair your compatible Android device with your Mercedes-Benz vehicle. This allows Cook County drivers to perform a variety of functions from the central screen in their Mercedes-Benz vehicle, such as:

  • Sending and receiving messages
  • Google Maps navigation
  • Streaming music

Setting Up Android Auto™

  1. To start, you must download the Android Auto™ app to your phone from the app store.
  2. Open your center console and locate the USB with the phone symbol next to it, this is the USB you’ll use to operate Android Auto™. Connect your device to this port using a USB cable.
  3. Use your vehicle’s central controller to navigate to the telephone screen, and scroll through the carousel until you reach the Android Auto™ option.
  4. Read through the initial message on your vehicle’s display, and hit “Accept” to activate your device.
  5. Once activated, your phone will request that you press “Continue,” and then your vehicle’s central display will present the option to set automatic access for Android Auto™.
  6. Once completed, you’re ready to take advantage of Android Auto™ features!

Using Android Auto™

After your vehicle is paired, you’ll be able to access a variety of features through your central display screen in your Mercedes-Benz. There are two ways to navigate the Android Auto™ features:

  • Central Controller: Use the central controller to navigate to hotkeys to access features like navigation, music, and more.
  • Google Voice: Use the voice button on the steering wheel or select the voice icon on the screen to use Google Voice to control Android Auto™.

Get Help With Mercedes-Benz Technology at Mercedes-Benz of Chicago

Having issues getting your system to pair with your Android Auto™ app? Contact Mercedes-Benz of Chicago for assistance. Our specialists will be happy to walk you through setup or take care of it for you at our Chicago dealership. We can also introduce you to other Mercedes-Benz features to improve your trips around Cook County, like MBUX and the Mercedes me app.

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