Meet the Siblings at Mercedes-Benz of Chicago

April 10th, 2018 by

Ever wonder what’s it like to work with your siblings? You can ask just about any of our team members at Mercedes-Benz of Chicago.  Many of our associates work alongside the people they grew up with. In honor of National Siblings Day check out just how many of our associates work with their brothers and sisters!

Can you see the resemblance?

Express Technician: Erik Rodriguez– 1 month
Group Leader: Edgar Rodriguez– 2 years

Mercedes-Benz of Chicago Technicians

Group Leader: Gabriel Calderon – 4 years in September
Diagnostic Apprentice: Jorge Calderon – 27 months

Mercedes-Benz of Chicago Technicians

Shuttle Dispatcher: Destiny Hernandez – 2 years
Valet: Niko Hernandez – 3 years

Mercedes-Benz of Chicago employees

Valet: Suzy Rivera – 3 months
Universal Supervisor: Anthony Avila – 2 Years
Liaison Supervisor: Bernadette Rivera – 1 Year
National Siblings Day Mercedes-benz of chicago

Come say hello to the siblings on the Mercedes-Benz of Chicago team and experience the Fletcher Jones Difference today!


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