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A pioneer in the future of the ultimate, luxury car experience.

What is MBUX?

MBUX, Mercedes-Benz User Experience, is Mercedes-Benz latest infotainment system that offers an array of exciting features to let you customize your drive. With the use of artificial intelligence, your vehicle learns your past behaviors to understand your preferences and offers suggestions. If you tend to head to the gym after work, your Mercedes-Benz will adapt to this and suggest the quickest route for you to take. More so, MBUX accommodates for more than one user and will remember the personal preferences for each profile. MBUX creates an experience that compliments you.

“Hey Mercedes”

The future is now.

All-New Generation of Voice Control

The MBUX LINGUATRONIC Voice Control with Natural Language Understanding means speaking to your vehicle as you would a friend riding in your passenger seat. With an onboard and offboard system guaranteeing timely and appropriate responses, you easily say, “Hey Mercedes,” to activate voice control—no more buttons or specific commands. The system will adapt to your way of speaking and you can control in-vehicle components, like navigation. Go ahead and say, “Hey Mercedes, take me to Mercedes-Benz of Chicago,” to start your route there. We will see you soon to try this feature out.


Simplicity redesigned.

More Ways to Engage with your Mercedes-Benz

The touchpad, located on the center console, takes over for the traditional COMAND® knob and offers exciting new features, like the Handwriting Recognition feature. Have an address or phone number? Just write it on the touchpad to input the information. The touchpad allows the driver to swipe, tap or pinch to zoom in or out, similar to how a smartphone works. Plus, the use of haptic feedback, where the touchpad responds to touch with a slight vibration, allows for a more user friendly interaction. The touchpad does still retain hard buttons, such as a Home and Back button, for quick access. Try writing today at Mercedes-Benz of Chicago.


The world at your fingertips.

Control Your Entire Experience

Tap, swipe, or pinch to zoom in and out of the touchscreen on the high-resolution, widescreen display. The main screen will display navigation, media, and telephone applications for you to access with a simple tap. In addition to the main screen, drivers will find the basescreen and submenu screens that are customized to their preferences. Find out your preferences for the touchscreen at Mercedes-Benz of Chicago.

Touch-Control Buttons

No need to compromise.

Fully Committed to Integration

As the driver, you have access to two Touch-Control Buttons, located on the left and right-hand sides of the steering wheel. The Touch-Control Buttons are small touchpads where the driver may swipe or press to control the main touch screen. The driver does not have to take their hands off the wheel to interact with MBUX. Experience this hands-on experience for yourself at Mercedes-Benz of Chicago.

Navigation with Augmented Reality

See the world differently.

Optional Feature in MBUX

MBUX offers the optional Augmented Reality Navigation. This system connects navigation with the real world, which means you will see live images of traffic with important navigation instructions overlaid presented on your widescreen display. Learn more about this optional package at Mercedes-Benz of Chicago.

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