How to Use Mercedes-Benz Dual Zone Automatic Climate Control

How do you use Mercedes-Benz air conditioning? Air conditioning is vital in the summer. Luckily, Mercedes-Benz has a dual zone automatic climate control, built to keep you and your passengers comfortable all year long. Keep reading or watch the video below to learn how it all works!

  1. Climate control is located in the center console
  2. The dials on the left and right are used to adjust the temperature for the driver and passenger side
  3. The temperature setting on the passenger side also controls the rear passenger area
  4. The max cool button modifies the settings to cool the interior off as quickly as possible
  5. The A/C button turns the dehumidifier function on/off
  6. The curved windshield max button activates the defrost – all air will be directed to the windshield when this button is lit
  7. The recirculation button, on the passenger side knob, cuts off outside air supply to keep unwanted odors out of the interior
  8. The rear defrost button activates heating in the rear window
  9. The big fan button will increase the airflow the little fan button will decrease it
  10. The air distribution button, a person with 2 arrows, allows you to select where the air will be directed to
  11. Auto will maintain climate control at the selected temperature
  12. The off button will turn the climate control off and if you press it again, it will restart the system to previous settings

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