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Premium Car Detailing Services

When you invest in a luxury vehicle, you want it to maintain its eye-catching good looks for the duration of ownership. While a car wash can help remove surface-level debris, car detailing provides a more thorough cleaning as well as reconditioning. So what is car detailing exactly? Learn just what this service can do for your Mercedes-Benz with Mercedes-Benz of Chicago’s service center

What is Car Detailing in Chicago?

Mercedes-BenzIf you need to rid your vehicle of road salt or dirt, a car wash can work. However, if you want your vehicle meticulously cleaned both inside and outside, car detailing services are in order. If you opt for vehicle detailing in Chicago, your vehicle will first be washed to remove any accumulated grime and dirt. Next, your vehicle will be inspected and then buffed and polished. Sometimes additional treatments are required to refresh the look of your vehicle. A few treatment options include an exterior clay or premium wax treatment, as well as stain removal or leather treatments during interior car detailing. Put together, these car detailing services will have your Mercedes-Benz shining like new! 

Exterior Mercedes-Benz Car Detailing

Oxidation, swirl marks, and light scratches are all typically able to be corrected with a high-quality car detailing in Chicago. Still, it’s important to remember that it’s not meant to repair major paint damage. When you schedule vehicle detailing near Cook County, you can expect the following services performed:

  • Vehicle body is washed and then dried using microfiber towels
  • Wheels, brake calipers, and lug nuts are cleansed
  • A clay bar can be used to loosen stuck-on dirt
  • Polishing is used to buff out imperfections
  • Paint is waxed for added shine and protection
  • Windows and rubber are cleaned

Steps of Interior Car Detailing 

During interior car detailing, any interior upholstery is vacuumed and shampooed. Vinyl and plastic surfaces are cleaned, and leather surfaces are washed and then conditioned. Your interior windows and trims are also cleaned. 

Benefits of Mercedes-Benz Detailing

When searching for car detailing services, Mercedes-Benz detailing offers some advantages over standard vehicle detailing in Chicago. Since Mercedes-Benz vehicles use premium paint and upscale materials in their fabrication, you’ll want to ensure that you have trained technicians using the recommended products for cleaning and restoration. When you rely on Mercedes-Benz detailing, you can be confident your car is getting exactly what it needs. 

Explore Luxury Car Detailing Services Today!

Is it time to bring your Mercedes-Benz in for car detailing? Mercedes-Benz of Chicago can help you get the Mercedes-Benz detailing your vehicle needs. Contact us today to learn more about our exterior and interior car detailing services in Chicago! 

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