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Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance

Like any machine that achieves extraordinary extremes of performance, your Mercedes-Benz requires regular maintenance. And taking care of your Mercedes-Benz is probably a lot easier and more affordable than you think.

When your Model year 1998 through 2004 vehicles' Flexible Service System indicates it's time for service, take your vehicle to your Mercedes-Benz of Chicago Service Center, where our expert technicians perform routine services and maintenance*.

Generally, you can expect to drive your Mercedes-Benz approximately 10,000 miles between services - and as many as 20,000 miles - depending on which model you drive, how you drive it and the severity of your driving conditions. Most people average around 12,000 miles between service visits.**

**Actual service intervals vary depending on your driving style and driving conditions. Maximum service intervals may be limited by time duration, depending on how you drive.

Required Vehicle Service

We classify required service as A-Service (minor) and B-Service (major). All scheduled service is necessary to maintain your vehicle in optimal operating condition and to avoid damage to your vehicle not covered by the warranty. We strongly recommend you take your Mercedes-Benz to an authorized Mercedes-Benz Dealer for all service work. We are equipped with the tools, instruments, literature and trained personnel that help ensure correct and systematic performance of these jobs.

For full details of what's involved in A and B Services for your Mercedes-Benz, check out our Mile Maintenance guide or consult the Mercedes-Benz Service Booklet that came with your new vehicle.

Service Records

Mercedes-Benz of Chicago Service Center will certify in your Service Booklet the services that have been performed. Following each A- or B-Service, your Mercedes-Benz of Chicago Service Center will also reset your Flexible Service System counter.

Routine Checks

In addition to A and B Services, you should check the following items regularly and prior to any long trip:

- Engine oil level

- Coolant level

- Brake system fluid level (If brake fluid needs to be added, see an authorized Mercedes-Benz Dealer to determine the cause, e.g., leaks or worn brake pads.)

- Windshield washing system (Add washer fluid mixed with Mercedes-Benz windshield washer solvent/concentrate, test function and check wiper blades.)

- Tire pressure (Check at least every other week. 

For Model Year 2005 or Newer Vehicles

The Mercedes-Benz Maintenance Plan makes caring for your 2005 Mercedes easier than ever. The service intervals are fixed and predictable - every 13,000 miles or one year for most vehicles*. Your car will even remind you - about one month before it's due.

Your dealer provides your first tire rotation (before 6,500 miles) at no charge**.

*The Flexible Service System and included Mercedes-Benz Maintenance Commitment have been discontinued as of model year 2005.

**Whichever comes first. Requires use of 229.5-spec oil and high-performance fleece oil filter. Every 10,000 miles on V-12 and AMG models. Driver is responsible for monitoring fluid levels and tire pressures between service visits. On E-Class models, see Maintenance Booklet for additional maintenance service types.