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Mercedes-Benz Fake Discovered in Germany

When you stop into Mercedes-Benz of Chicago for a test drive, you'll find a whole lineup of world-renowned, uniquely designed, and above all, copyright protected new Mercedes-Benz models.

Copyright protected? Yes, that's exactly what we said. For example, the original creators of the SL-Class SL300 with gullwing doors handed all rights over to Daimler AG just about 60 years ago, and they own them to this day. This is the case with all of today's new Mercedes-Benz models, and because of this, you won't find anything else like them on the roads today. It would be pretty much impossible.

Needless to say, when German officials found a replica Mercedes-Benz 300 SL in somebody's garage...well, it didn't last long at all. First, they separated the body from the chassis, and sent the body over to Mercedes-Benz to destroy on behalf of Daimler AG. Which they did with two presses, each applying over 30 tons to the fiberglass frame.

As if that wasn't enough, destruction was confirmed with a signed and stamped "confirmation of scrappage" document.

Mercedes-Benz explains in a press release, "The body shape of the legendary gullwing model has been trademarked by Daimler AG. Anyone building, offering or selling replicas of the vehicle is in breach of the Company's rights...As a work of applied art, the body of the 300 SL has been under copyright protection for a number of decades."1

It's because of strict rules like these that you can be sure of the integrity of each Mercedes-Benz model here in the United States - no matter how badly somebody else would like to profit from it.

Want to get up close and personal with some of the most desired (and trademarked) cars in the world? Stop by the Mercedes-Benz of Chicago showroom, located at 1520 W North Ave Chicago, IL 60642. We're always happy to arrange a test drive, talk specs, and chat about all of the things that makes Mercedes-Benz so unique.


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