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Mercedes-Benz SUV Sales Up 24.3 Percent

2011 has officially closed and the question everyone wants answered, at least die-hard Mercede-Benz enthusiasts, is: How did the Tri-Pointed Star perform? The answer: Very, very well - especially in the SUV/CUV segment.

Thanks largely to robust demand from consumers in China and America, Mercedes-Benz achieved an impressive 24.3-percent increase in SUV/CUV sales for 2011 compared to 2010. The vehicle that saw the strongest demand? The Mercedes-Benz R-Class, demonstrating a jump of over 50 percent.

While it's clear why R-Class sales grew so drastically in 2011 - more distance from the global economic downturn, class-leading safety and performance as well as extreme adaptability and premier comfort for as many as seven passengers...The overall trend is a little more complex.

Mercedes-Benz head of Sales and Marketing, Mr. Joachim Schmidt explains that the Bavarian automaker's present success rests on a foundation the company laid when it launched the G-Glass SUV over three decades ago. Today, we can see they have grown their SUV segment to include five elite vehicles, including the Mercedes Benz GLK-Class, Mercedes-Benz M-Class, Mercedes-Benz GL-Class - and, of course, the R-Class and G-Class.

Mr. Schmidt goes also stresses the importance of the SUV segment to the brand's overall growth and future strategies. Together, models such as the G-Class and R-Class have broken monthly sales records for approximately 15 consecutive months.

Interested to see exactly how the Mercedes-Benz SUV lineup evolves in 2012? Stay tuned! Without spilling all of the beans, Mercedes-Benz of Chicago, located at 1520 W. North Avenue, Chicago, IL, will say simply that it is shaping up to be a very exciting year. 

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