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Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy Works to Reduce Distracted Driving

When it comes to your kids, the day it's time to start teaching them how to drive is probably one of the most stressful. Not only do we worry about our own kids getting behind the wheel as they get older, but the team here at Mercedes-Benz of Chicago, sees quite a few parents come in with their young drivers. Mercedes-Benz knows how stressful this can be, too - especially considering all of the distractions these days (like texting or hooking up the iPod). As such, Mercedes-Benz recently launched a variety of initiatives to coincide with April's National Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

First, Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy went to a high school in California to demonstrate the emotional and physical reactions surrounding distracted driving. They started by putting teens in a vehicle on a closed course without any distractions. Then they threw in noisy passengers, asked the teens to perform simple tasks within the vehicle (like adjusting the radio), and gave them cell phones. Would make quite a difference, don't you think?

That's exactly what Mercedes-Benz was betting on.


On top of which, they'll be hosting events throughout the state of California during the month to assist teens and parents in making this driving transition. But you can enjoy the benefits of Mercedes-Benz support right here in Chicago, too!

As part of their Driving Academy, the automaker has also provided some advice for teens and parents on their website. Some of these include: lead by example, help your teen assess any possible distractions before driving, plan driving routes ahead of time, utilize and exceed the required supervised driving time for driver's education, and even create a parent-teen contract that sets terms of driving (like who pays for gas, how many passengers are allowed in the vehicle, etc).

For the complete list and other safety tips for you and your teen, visit http://us.mbdrivingacademy.com/program/top-10-tips-for-parents2/top-10-tips-for-parents.

Also, remember that Mercedes-Benz' passion for keeping all passengers and drivers safe extends far beyond the new Mercedes-Benz lineup. The Mercedes-Benz of Chicago team is always happy to answer any of your questions about passive and active safety features on any of the available models in our showroom - simply stop by and see us at 1520 W North Avenue Chicago, IL 60642 or drop us a line via our website to learn more.

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